Product Release Template

Product Release Template

Posted by sysadmin

We are releasing updates to the Portal! We have listened to you and built out some new features which will soon be available to you. Lets go over what we have built.


Better Speeds

Route Workbench is getting a big redesign! We have sped up the entire screen so waiting for your trips and routes to load will be a thing of the past. We have several other Route Workbench enhancements as well.

Route Optimization Subscription

Measure Profitability within Route Workbench

Ever wondered how much your Route’s are actually costing you? Route Workbench now has the ability, with a little bit of setup, to show you the estimated costs and revenue of all your routes! Increase your profitability with our new Optimization settings that has the system determine your most profitable routes. Saving hours of time per week and prioritizing your company’s needs.

Rank your Route’s Performance

Check in on the performance of your route’s with a click! After your routes for the day have been created, check in to make sure they meet your expectations. Have 2 low performing routes? Turn them into 1 and watch your revenues rise!

Rider Payment subscription

Want to know more about what we have built for you? Visit our product announcement website to get the full list!

product website here

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