nuDeliverIt Modern Application

nuDeliverIt Modern Application

Posted by anantha

Release on Sept 24th of nuDeliverIt app with brand new UI.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new nuDeliverIt app version on iOS App Store and Google Playstore starting Sept 24th 2018. The new version comes with new look and feel and includes several usability improvements (see screenshots below).

What does this mean for our customers?
Customer drivers using the existing version of nuDeliverIt can go to the App Store/Playstore and download the new version after release on Sept 24th. Drivers that have their devices set to auto update apps will get the new version automatically downloaded when they connect to a WiFi network after the release.

NOTE: Once a device is upgraded to the new version, switching back to the older version CANNOT be done. If a driver does not upgrade their app, they can continue using the older version. However, we will not be supporting any enhancements/bug fixes on the older version. All app enhancements going forward will be supported only for the new version.


ShipTo Name display stop level signature


Delete notifications older than X days.


Document download Indicator


Ability to add the service during Delivery



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