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Important Announcement

Dear Customers,
On May 18th, nuDeliverIt portal will be upgraded to 4.6 with fixes & enhancements. The system will be unavailable due to maintenance between May 18th 10:00 PM EST to May 19th 2:00 AM EST.

Upcoming nuDeliverIt 4.6 Features
  • Li Arrow IconStop detail – Slide show of ePOD pictures 
  • Li Arrow IconEnhanced breadcrumb driver route breadcrumb view with playback option 
  • Li Arrow IconNew report columns to compute total on-time, delayed, product/stop level exceptions for a load 
  • Li Arrow IconAbility to send out SMS to multiple customers on a stop based on specific load/stop events 
  • Li Arrow IconSelection of stops using polyline in the load management screen
  • Li Arrow IconAddition of StopDetail – Scanned quantity for the stop and load reports 
  • Li Arrow IconOther minor bug fixes 
*These new features have additional subscription cost* 
  • Li Arrow IconETA Enhancements – ETA computed for every 10 mins across all routes of a company 
  • Li Arrow IconCustomer tracking portal – Driver ETA will be updated every 10 mins 
  • Li Arrow IconCustomer Communication 
    •  Ability to configure pre-arrival and delay communication to end customers 


1ETA Enhancements 

As part of 4.6, we have improved the frequency of ETA calculations of stops across all in-progress routes of a company. ETAs will be computed every 10 mins, which will real time visibility of driver ETA to your customers. The system can broadcast ETA updates to multiple email & SMS numbers on the same stop.


2Pre-arrival and Delay Communication 

Pre-arrival – Customers will receive an automated text/phone ‘x’ mins before the arrival of a driver to the customer location.
Delay – Customers will receive an automated text/phone, if the driver is delayed by ‘x’ mins from the planned delivery window.



3Customer Tracking Portal 

The enhanced ETA calculations are refreshed every 10 mins on the customer tracking portal, allowing your customer to get more up to date information about the driver.

4Poly line Selector 

Select unplanned stops using poly lines to quickly build optimal routes


5New Product Fields – Product Category/SubCategory/Price 

New fields to define product price/unit, category and subcategory are now available. These can be added from the stop detail UI on the nuDeliverIt portal and they are also available as part of load/stop xml and csv uploads.

6All New Breadcrumb View 

Route breadcrumb view is now available with playback option








7Carousel View of ePOD Pictures 

View slide of pictures collected by drivers

If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to reach us at support@nuvizz.com